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Star Battle is a team-oriented custom game variant (UMS) for StarCraft II by Blizzard Entertainment published in the Arcade section of the game. Two teams consisting of up to six people engage in intense space fleet combat, with each player using one of the nine distinct capital ships, each wielding a formidable array of abilities and weapons.

Combat consists of each of the two teams spawning at a base ship, which they must protect while attempting to destroy either the opposing team or the enemy base ship. Each ship can be upgraded at the base ship with minerals gained from killing or farming enemy 'creeps'. Upgrades such as firepower, defense, speed, and energy increase a ship's power and reflects individual playstyle. If a ship is destroyed, it does not respawn. This is a distinct difference from many custom games, and this part is what makes Star Battle much more than simply a 'DotA in space', as which it might appear at the first glance, otherwise.

The most important aspect of Star Battle is the team play. A lone ship is an easy target for an enemy fleet, but a just few ships helping and covering each other are almost impossible to defeat. A good team can save an almost dead teammate or ambush an unsuspecting enemy fleet.

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